The Dutch member of parliament, Geert Wilders, is planning to release his film about islam in March 2008. As to how and exactly when and where the film will be released is not yet known in detail. However, several sources report that it will be available on the internet at the following URL:



Sign Petition to indict Mahmoud Ahmadinejadfor incitement to

commit genocide, as per the UN Genocide Conventionwhich classifies

"incitement to commit genocide" as a crimeagainst humanity.


Petition against Turkish membership inThe European Union


The AntiJihad movement was founded in Sweden on August 28 2001, about 2weeks prior to the attacks on The World Trade Center. AntiJihad is anorganization of people all over the world who co-operate against Muhammedan(Islamic) imperialism in all its forms: terror, propaganda, and so forth.Because we oppose the aggressive expansionism of Muhammedanism, we callourselves Anti-Jihad (Jihad is the "holy" war for Muhammedanism).


People from, virtually, all of mankind have joined this organization:People from every continent. Persons who have left Islam (apostates).Agnostics, Christians (Catholics, Protestants, Maronites, Orthodox, Copts),Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Jews, Sikhs. "Blacks","whites", "reds" and "yellows". Men and women.Old and young. Company owners, students, journalists, Ph.D.s, people from thenavy and army, musicians...


AntiJihad may also be considered a loosely organized umbrellaorganization for anti-islamic organizations, groups and individulals all overthe world. Its main website may be found here. In addition there is also a discussionforum.


Finally there are also a number of regional allies or division,including AntiJihad Norge (Norway) which operates this website. Most of thematerial here was previously published on a website run by a Norwegiananti-islamic organization called FOMI(Forum mot islamisering / Forum against islamization).



Islamic News from Norway in English

News from Norway about muslim crimes such as robbery, rape, forced marriages, honour-killings, terrorist activities etc.


In addition there is also an English language blog with islamic news from Norway:


News from Norway



Most material on this website is in Norwegian, butthere is some in English, in partcular in the section Muslim Crimes Around the World.This section contains documents about a large number of countries and regions,documenting both current and historical muslim crimes on a country by countryand region by region basis. Much of the material in this section is clippingsfrom news reports which are partly in English and partly in Norwegian. Our owncomments on the news reports are in Norwegian.


The “Tema” section containsarticles exposing the teachings of islam. These are in Norwegian, although insome cases they have been translated from English, and contains links to theoriginal English version.


The “Spesial” sectioncontains various articles and reports on special topics relating to islam. Someof them are in English, some in Norwegian.


The “Video” section containsa selection of videos about islam, most of them in English.


Video and Audio:


Danish TV2 about the murder of van Gogh (3 MB)

This video contains two clips from Danish TV2’s coverage of the murder of Theo van Gogh. The first clip is an interview with a Dutch muslim, supporting the killing. The second is an interview with a Dutch taxi-driver who expresses his anger, fear and frustration over the situation in The Netherlands.


Danish Imam about the murder of van Gogh (3 MB)

The video contains clips from a speech delivered by Abu Laban, imam at a Copenhagen mosque. He condemns van Gogh in the strongest possible way and demands limitations in the freedom of speech regarding ctiticism of islam. The video also contains information about how muslims who pose as “moderate” has been caught on tape supporting the murder of van Gogh.


See also: Theo van Gogh and "Education By Murder" in Holland


Tears Behind The Veil (4.9 MB)

Clips from a BBC documentary about Taliban rule in Afghanistan


From Behind The Veil To Beyond It (3.3)

From an interview with Yasmeen Ghauri, possibly the world’s most besutiful ex-muslim. The daughter of a Montreal imam, Yasmeen turned her back on islam and became one of the worlds most famous and highly paid fashion models. Before viewing the video it is recommended to read the document Model Outcast.


Interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali (16 MB)


Destruction of a church in Kosovo by a muslim mob (6.2 MB)


Interview with Brigitte Gabriel (10.5 MB)


Islam is not for me (mp3-audio, 1.8 MB)


Winds of Jihad (mp3-audio 2.8 MB)




The “Anti-islamic Calendar” isa cooperative project with several other anti-islamic groups in severalcountries. Its aim is to assign one (or more) islamic crimes and atrocities toeach date of the year. Currently there is a working copy available, mostly inNorwegian, but also containing links to English language material relating tothe events on the various dates.


There is also a Dutch Section withtranslation of some of the articles originally written in Norwegian, and someother material submitted by contacts in The Netherlands. Finally there is alsoa small section in Turkish.


Although these pages are primarily intended forNorwegians and other Scandinavians, we do experience a number of internationalvisitors from outside Scandinavia, and have therefore decide to also include anexclusively English section. With so many excellent English websites criticalto islam one may ask why. There are basically two reasons for that. One is topublish material in English regarding the fight against islam in Norway,material not generally available on international English language sites.


The other reason is that we also do receive materialfrom English language residents in Norway, material which we want to makeavailable to the general public, both at home and abroad.


So far the English section contains the followingdocuments:


·        NEW! Astronomical Errors in the Koran

·         Can the West defeat theIslamist threat? Here are ten reasons why not

·        No Excuse ofGeert Wilders

·        The Veil ofIslam

·        AllMuslims accept Prophet Jesus, but WHY don't Christians accept Mohammad, theLast and the Best Prophet of Allah?

·        BBC  and CNN Speakers Always Misguiding their Listeners about Islam !         

·        Save StGeorge save England

·        CartoonistsStrike Back

·        The SecretAgenda of Islam
Acollection of Koran-verses and Hadiths to show the true nature of islam

·        “Islam andthe Psychology (Mind) of the Musulman”
Online version of a book published in France in 1922

·        TheGospel of Muhammed
How Muhammed’s Koran contradicts the Gospel of theBible

·        What Muslimsdon’t tell you
A collection of verses from the Koran and Hadithsthe Muslims don’t tell you about – until it’s too late !

·        TheTerror and Murder Game
About the importance of teaching the truth about allworld major religions in public schools

·        PalestinianTV Sermon: Subjugate Christians, Exterminate Jews !
How the muslims intend to continue where the nazis left of in exterminating theJews

·        Astronomy inThe Koran
WhatThe Koran has to say about astronomy. And this is supposed to be “revelations”from an “almighty” and “all knowing” creator of the universe !!

·        Is Paradise inIslam Really a Paradise ?
Why the Paradise in Islam looks more like hell forwomen

·        What is themost dangerous, smoking or islam  ? (Andwhat should be done about it ?)
Howlegislation and regulations to reduce the dangers of smoking can be used toreduce the dangers from islam

·        Islamand Europe
Whythe presence of Islam in Europe will destroy European culture

·        HitlerCopied Turkish Islam
Howthe muslim genocide of Armenians provided a model for the Nazi holocaustagainst the Jews in World War II (External link)

·        The Guilty Peopleof the Western World, blaming the Moslems!
How politicians in The West shun theirresponsibilities for allowing islam into their countries and being taught inschools

·        Going Back
Turkish immigrants in The Netherlands are returningto Turkey because The Netherlaands have become too islamic!

·        IsMohammed’s  Koran, the Book of MoslemWorld for Peace or for Murder and Terror ?

·        Sudanese Armykilled thousands of elephants

·        Indifferenceis leading the West and Holland to destruction

·        Whatmuslims must believe that all non-muslims are

·        Mosquein Athens
An open letter to the Greek authorities from ex-muslims in Europe

·        Allah isthe Deceiving Spirit of this World
About contradictions in The Koran and Muhammed in light of prophecies in theBible

·        Cleanlinessis a case of Faith
(About cleanliness, or lack of it, in muslim countries, compared to The West)

·        Petitionfrom a Turkish ex-muslim now living in Western Europe to the Turkish Ministryof Education, the Parliament and coming presidents

·        Interview withGeert Wilders
(Thisinterview with member of the Dutch parliament illustrates the cost of speakingout against islam)

·        AnOpen Challenge to My Muslim Friends
(Achallenge to muslims to view the Koran and the teachings of islam in the lightof modern science)

·        TheMuslim Myth about Neil Armstrong on the Moon
(How the muslims try to promote the lie that Neil Armstrong converted to islamduring trip to the moon)

·        Which Ark Is TheReal One; That On Mount Judi Or That On The Mountains Ararat?
(What the Bible and the Koran say about Noah’s Ark, compared to archaeologicalfindings)

·        The terror ofthe crescent-moon under the midnight-sun
(About muslim crime in Norway, from the French site Occidentalis)

·        QuestionsMuslims ask about The Christian Faith

·        Theo vanGogh: "Newsprint Murderers" : " If there was ever a reason notto keep your mouth shut- it is now"

·        TheDemographic Bomb – When will Norway become a Muslim Country ?
(Calculations based on data from the Norwegian Bureau of Statistics indicatethat Norway will become a muslim country during this century)

·        Islamand The West
(Article submitted by an English language resident in Oslo)

·        Islamand Democracy
(Reader’s letter submitted by an English language resident in Oslo)

·        Open Letterfrom an Ex-muslim to the 911 Commission
(Submitted by an ex-muslim living in Europe)

·        Open Letterfrom an Ex-muslim teacher to public servants in western countries
(Submitted by an ex-muslim living in Europe)

·        Who is toBlame for the Killing and the Terror in Our World ?
(Comment on Sept 11 submitted by an ex-muslim living in Europe)

·        SeriousProblem of Integrating Moslems with non Moslems !
(Comments on integration submitted by an ex-muslim living in Europe)

·        EuropeanNations cannot remember their years under the Moslem-rule in their history
(Some historical reminders about muslim plunder and pillage, submitted by anex-muslim living in Europe)


Theabove articles are exclusively in English. In addition the Special Section alsocontain a number of documents which are mostly in English, although they maycontain a short ingress and/or comments in Norwegian. These are listed below:


·        Terror in TheSkies, Again ?
Anincredible story about political correct security on a flight from Detroit toLA (From Women’s Wall Street Journal)

·        The Fall of Constantinople on May 29 1453

·        TheNorwegian Conservatives – Party of Terror, Apartheid and Ethnic Cleansing
Howthe Norwegian Conservative Party supports Pakistani aggression and terror

·        If I jihad anickel for each ’victim’…
Satiricalcomment from The National Post, Canada

·        ”Tale of TwoCheckpoints”
How the media treats Israeland the US Differently

·        The Crusades - Aggressionor Self Defence

·        The Battle of Potiers(732)
Themost decisive battle in the history of mankind

·        JeninRevisited
Themedia lies and distortions during the Israeli action in Jenin in 2002

·        'Corruptionis essence of Arab regimes'

·        Modell Outcast
The fascinating story about the daughter of an imam in Momtreal who became atop fashion model – The World’s most beautiful ex-muslim ?

·        The Real Conflict
What the conflict in The Middle East is all about (From Women for Israel’sTomorrow)

·        Oriana Fallaci onAntisemitism

·        TheCrescent and The Midnight Sun
Replyto an article in The New York Times about racism in Norway


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Last update: 6 April 2008


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